At the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, not content with the amazing looking standard Evoque, Range Rover has revealed this: The Evoque Convertible.

Range Rover, owned by Indian conglomerate (and maker of the worlds cheapest car, the Nano) Tata has revealed the car which has seating for four people and is billed as the worlds first premium convertible SUV (did anyone mention the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet?).

The Evoque Convertible is based on the standard Evoque three door. The only major newsworthy item is the absence of the roof, otherwise its all standard Evoque.

Land Rover Design Director, Gerry McGovern, said at the unveiling of the new car: “We believe that the Evoque lends itself beautifully to the idea of a convertible. From a pure design perspective, we have used Evoque’s dramatic shape to create a distinctive and highly desirable proposition.”.

Desirable isn’t the word we would use here at Daily Auto Fix. Yes, it is slightly less offensive than first thought but we do hope that, like the Bentley SUV we brought you on Tuesday, this concept car remains just that, a concept.

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