The Lexus RX crossover is not the prettiest car to be unveiled at Geneva this year, but in these times of the booming lifestyle four-wheel-drive, it was important that Lexus got it right. Thankfully they have delivered a number of upgrades that will make the RX fresher and more appealing to those parents who play parking wars at 3pm on any weekday.

Most noticeably, the RX now wears the fantastic new grille that has been seen on all of Lexus’ new models in recent times. Most notably, there is now an F-Sport model (like the CT-200h F-Sport we have in Australia) which scores a number of cosmetic additions (darker lights and wheels, sportier styling) in an effort to give it a more sporting and more “bad ass” character.

Inside, the interior, which has always been known for its quality and attention to detail, is modestly upgraded and will of course have the usual smattering of luxury optios to enable the driver to make the interior an even better place to be.

The RX is expected to carry over its existing V6 engines, with the hybrid model keeping its electrically assisted powertrain when it launches here.

While no launch plans have been announced yet, expect it to be carving up the Australian school car park sometime late in 2012 or early 2013 for a similar price to the current model.

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