Everybody remembers the famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams” don’t they?

“If you build it, they will come”.

Lamborghini has taken a similar, yet different tack with their latest creation, the Aventador J.

With this car, the manufacturer from Sant’Agata Bolognese has shown the world that if you have the dream and the deep pockets to match, Lamborghini will build the car of your dreams.

The philosophy behind this car was simple-dispense with everything that stops the car from going as fast as possible. Everything from the climate control to the sat-nav systems has been binned. Even the windscreen from the standard Aventador missile has been pillaged in favour of a small wind deflector.

Lamborghini says that in creating this car, the desired effect was that of a two seat sports bike. As such, the car is gushing with carbon fibre and Lamborghini has even pioneered the use of a new fabric called “carbonskin” which is reported to be soft enough for use in the Aventador J’s seats and interior trim.

Under the bonnet it is all standard Aventador-not that any mechanical bits needed to be turned up past 11 on the dial! It means that this car is still capable of speeds in excess of 300km/h. Drivers-have your crash helmets at the ready!

Now for the sad news…..this truly awe inspiring work of art is the only one in existence. If it were going to be sold in Australia, it would attract a price of over $2.6 million dollars (before taxes) and reportedly it was snapped up long before its wheels ever graced the Geneva show floor……..

Me gusta!


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