At the Geneva motor show this year, Volkswagen has unveiled the production version of the Golf GTI Cabriolet.

The car was previewed in concept form, next to an even more bonkers Golf R Cabriolet concept at the fabled Wothersee gathering back in June last year.

Enthusiasts of the venerable hot hatch will be pleased to know that the Cabriolet model is essentially a regular Golf GTI with the roof chopped off. To that end it retains the Golf GTI’s glorious 155kw 2.0 litre engine, 17-inch satellite dish wheels, the Limited slip differential and all of the cues, inside and out, that make the GTI a GTI.

We here at Daily Auto Fix have not yet heard any plans to bring this model to the Aussie market but think that VW would not miss the opportunity given that Australia is a very popular market for the Golf GTI and Golf R models, with waiting lists, particularly for the GTI, stretching over 12 months. Expect to pay a small premium over the regular hatchback model which currently starts around the $40,000 mark.

With the regular GTI, VW has created one of the best all-rounder hot hatches money can buy (a fact confirmed by sales figures and a waiting list longer than the Murray river). Can they keep that going with a GTI that can fry your head as well as its tyres?………

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