In a recent press release Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, told the world that Tesla wouldn’t be initiating any patent lawsuits against anyone, who in good faith, wants to use their technology. So, what is the future of electric cars now? Look at used Lexus gs 350 new york ny when you want a cheaper and reliable car and for lots of option go car shopping on auto lease fort lauderdale fl.

2014 Tesla Model S

By many, this has been seen as a massive step forward towards seeing even more hybrid and electric vehicles on the road that boast a great driving range, level of comfort and sustainability. Also please checkout our pre owned fords for sale cincinnati oh.

As the creator of the Roadster and Model S, Tesla Motors has taken the all in approach to creating an electric vehicle and support network to encourage adoption. In the USA, Tesla Model S owners can recharge their vehicle at any supercharger station for free. Using a supercharger will charge half the battery capacity (270kms of range) in just 30mins, and for larger trip you can always count with a lithium battery solar generator to charge the battery when there is no any charging port anywhere near.

2014 Tesla Model S

Why make these patents free to use?

Making the Tesla patents free to use was simply another step in realising the mission Tesla Motors has to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.

“In the spirit of the open source movement, [and] for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.” Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors

Tesla created their original patents because they were afraid big car companies would come in and use the technology.  However, after a number of years of operating and further expansion, this simply wasn’t proven to be the case.

Despite the handful of larger companies making a number of eco cars, nobody from the industry was really interested. Tesla says that less than 1% of total vehicle sales for car manufacturers are indeed electric car sales.

Will this move create change?

So, with this bold move from Tesla will this see any change from those same big car companies? Will anybody use this as a way to save on research and development costs that would traditionally be incurred by developing a technology from scratch?

History does present us an example from the 1950’s to relate. This was when Volvo made their patented three-point seatbelt available for all manufacturers to use.

Invented by Nils Bohlin, an engineer at Volvo, in 1959 the invention replaced the rudimentary two-point waist restraint that arguably did more harm than good.

Why did they make their invention free to use? Volvo was actually compelled to share this valuable lifesaving piece of technology. The big difference between the three-point seatbelt and the Tesla technology is however that one had a direct impact on saving human lives and to ignore its availability would be unconscionable.

Since the three-point seatbelt was introduced, it is claimed that millions of lives have been saved due to this one simple piece of technology.

What will electric/hybrid car makers do?

For manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi and BMW, who have all spent a considerable amount of money of developing their own electric or hybrid car technologies we will be curious to see if any fusions of Tesla and their own technologies turn up in the future.

BMW i3 Production

We can assume that every single car manufacturer will/already has poured over the patents to see if there is any immediate value or potential cost savings by using the patented tech from Tesla.

It would be remarkable to see other car makers bringing electric vehicles to market in the near future which 100% use this technology. The best case scenario would be that this really kicks off the electric car revolution.

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