In case you haven’t heard already, the Forza 5 Nürburgring track is now finally available as free DLC!

Announced during the Microsoft press conference at the 2014 E3 expo, Turn 10 studios has given us the best looking digital version of the track we’ve ever seen or experienced.

Forza 5 Nürburgring

Tackling a track like this is no easy feat. With it being over 20km’s long, and awfully tricky as a track itself the laser scanning, and development too over 13,000 man hours to build from the ground up for the game.

Alone, there are 26,000 modeled trees.

Forza 5 Nürburgring

With the Grand Prix section of the circuit also playable, it’s the first time for a Forza fan to be able to lap the entire track.

Initially we were all upset that the Nürburgring wasn’t included, but after playing it tonight. We’re super happy that we waited. This is just so beautiful to experience!

So, if you have Forza 5 for Xbox One. Make sure you go and experience the track!

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