Having in an accident in a Ford Focus ST is already pretty good. However it just got better with the addition of SYNC Emergency Assistance technology.

SYNC Emergency Assistance

What SYNC Emergency Assistance does is connect the driver and passengers with emergency services following a major accident. It also provides the location of the vehicle and an open line of communication. This happens after the deployment of any airbags or if the emergency fuel pump shutoff is activated.

There are over 5 million Ford vehicles globally using this system and the only other vehicle in Australia with this feature as standard is the new Ford Kuga.

SYNC Emergency Assistance

Good news for the 704 customer who have already bought and taken delivery of their Focus ST from October last year, will be able to have SYNC Emergency Assistance activated for free, through participating Ford dealers.

If you live in a rural area which is notorious for horrible reception you might not have much luck with the service, as, it uses your mobile phone via hands free to communicate with the emergency operators. However, for most buyers of the Ford Focus ST, they’ll appreciate that the service is free for the lifetime of the vehicle.  Just don’t forget to have your phone setup via the hands free!


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