In Australia the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon are our staples. The police use them, the government uses them and pretty much every organisation which has a fleet of cars uses them. They are also known for their Inline-6’s and muscle car like V8’s, but is all of that a thing of the past?

Ford is starting to think so. After the announcement of the EcoBoost Falcon, it appears that 4-cylinder cars will be the new V6. This however isn’t Ford denying us of what we’ve always known for no reason. It is actually a response to their dipping sales after organisations changing their fleet policies to only procure vehicles which aren’t bigger than a 4-cylinder, such as the Holden Cruze.

One thing which Ford has promised is that the new EcoBoost models will almost match it’s bigger brother in performance. Which is great, we all don’t want to be driving what feels like a fully loaded semi in the name of saving the environment. Customers, however, might be in for a suprise when they realise that the EcoBoost won’t be any cheaper at the dealer. Think of it as a ‘no-cost-option’, and the savings you’ll realise are at the pump with a claimed 14% to 18% improvement of fuel economy.

EcoBoost will be available for the Falcon XT, G6 and G6E.

Now looking at the other camp, Holden, have come back and denied wanting to move to a similar 4-cylinder option for the Commodore. Why? Mike Deveruex says that the current 4-cylinder Cruze lineup is great.

Holden is also releasing a dedicated LPG Commodore this month.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrew Dickinson

    Since when has ford used a V6 in the Falcon… Original Capri 3000 maybe but never in a Coon

    • Robco82

      “They are also known for their Inline-6′s” 
      pretty sure they have just used the phrase as a reference point…….