Just this morning Holden released the first images of the brand new VF Commodore Sportwagon and Ute and will packing the same technical heat as the Sedan which will be launched mid-year.

Holden VF Sportwagon

Holden confirmed today also that all three body styles – the sedan, Sportwagon and Ute – will go on sale at the same time. What is really cool is that from now until the time the VF Commodore will be released, more than 1.4million km’s will be travelled locally and overseas.

Holden VF Ute

It’s apparent that Holden really want to exceed people’s expectations with the Commodore, which at the moment is declining in popularity with the increase of small car popularity. We’re liking what we are seeing with the Sportwagon and the Ute. Whilst there are more elements in common with the VE in the rear, the tech is certainly the main draw for the VF. What do you think of the new Sportwagon and Ute?

Holden VF UteHolden VF Sportwagon

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