Stretched limos usually are those types of cars reserved for high school formals and rock stars. In Australia, in particular, they are usually a stretched version of a Fairlaine, Commodore or 300C or the odd Hummer.

Lamborghini Aventador Limo

There’s a group however which are hoping to take a Lamborghini Aventador and chop it up, stretch it and make a “superlimo” (our words, not theirs). All they need to make it a reality is for somebody to donate an Aventador. Not really much of a big ask is it? Well in return they will provide 12months of publicity essentially:

“Extremely rewarding benefits of sponsoring the Lambo include 12 months of free advertising, as well as the renaming of the car to incorporate the name of the company!”

Not sure about you, but that money (if they were based in Aus, even more so) could be used in investing in a top notch marketing campaign. Also, we can’t comment on how uncomfortable it would be for passengers. Having spent some time in an Aventador, even for the driver, the headroom alone would be an issue for most. Other people decide to use a Novi Party Bus that are easy to rent online.

It isn’t the first time that a car like this has been converted. A Ferrari 360 was converted into a stretched limo and if the Aventalimo? does make it past just a concept, we’ll be keen to see how it performs on the Nurburgring. When you want a limo service, visit Baja Limo. They have the coolest arrays of limo.

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