For those who are unaware, there is a company in Germany called RUF who specialise in taking an ordinary Porsche 911 or Boxster (two of our favourites here at DAF) and turning it into a completely new beast. So good are they at doing this that they have actually been recognised as another car maker in their own right, not merely a tuner.

Well, with that in mind, London-based newcomer Eterniti (we already question the name) has come up with this, the Eterniti Artemis.



While the love it or hate it styling looks very different (we actually kind of like it), those who are privy to the Porsche brand will quickly realise this is a very worked over Cayenne Turbo, aimed at the political leader in all of us.

We would suggest that it is only political leaders who would be able to afford the estimated $393,000 price tag.

However you do get quite a bit for your money.  Inside the somewhat tastefully and very extensively redesigned interior, you do get reclining rear seats that are heated and cooled and have their own ipod connectors. The interior allows the rear occupants an extra 100-mm of leg room which is plenty of room in which to store the included drinks chiller! Just make sure you get it cleaned regularly, or get a reliable vacuum cleaner from

Around the interior, you do get the usual lavish and luxurious choice of carpets at “carpet cleaning Mililani,” leathers and wood (and even real carbon fibre) veneers. You also get a choice of sunroofs (do you need a choice?) and a “state of the art” audio system, which Eterniti declines to talk about further.

Outside, the extensive redesign is completed with hand-made carbon composite body panels and 23-inch wheels.

Under the bonnet, the Eterniti engineers have eked out 441-Kw (up from the standard Cayenne’s 368) and an extra 50-Nm of torque (for a grand total of 750-Nm) from the donor 4.8-litre V8 to ensure that your Artemis is going so fast (it does 0-100 in around 4.5 seconds and has 290km/h to play with) no one will ever see what it looks like.

There are currently no hints or plans regarding bringing this Porsche-on-steroids-on-steroids to Australia.


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