Yes that’s right, you read the title properly. Eric Clapton worked with Ferrari to create his own one off car.

It’s called the SP12 EC and it is based off the Ferrari 458 Italia and created through the special ‘Portfolio One-Off Programme’. Whilst the sheet of numbers aren’t being shared publically there is speculation that there is either the 458’s V8 or even due to the naming convention used that there is the brand new 6.3litre V12 engine which produces 544kmW.

The styling of the vehicle pays homage to the Ferrari 512 BB which is known to be Eric Clapton’s favourite Ferrari which was built almost 35 years ago. In the pictures released you can see the cues taken from the 512 BB including the two tone colour scheme and classically designed rear.

If you had the chance to design your own Ferrari, what would you do?1

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  1. rexseven

    I would want a 458 Italia with a G-D clutch and gated shifter!