Remember when you thought fully electric cars might not be able to reach the same heights as other exotic sports cars? It might be time to start thinking differently with the electric car land speed world record being set at 204.185MP/H or just over 328KM/H.

Which is a mighty feat for a fully electric car. Driven by former UK science minister Lord Drayson, the verified record was 40MP/H (65KM/H) faster than the previous record set in 1974.

The Dayson B12 69/EV car that set the record is a 1000kg electric car that had to be able to not just reach the fastest speed possible, but also sustain that speed for a mile. Whilst the top speed isn’t Bugatti 400km/h blow you away. Think that this is using just batteries and not a W16, well-over-engineered car. It’s simply based of a race car. If you follow the LeMan 24 hour race, it will look similar, and that’s because the car was based off the Lola LMP1.

It’s a very exciting moment for electric cars and a sign that electric cars certainly do have the potential to be incredible high-speed machines, that aren’t just eco-friendly city cars. WE can’t wait to see what the next record will be set by an electric car.


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