So, it’s official. Clarkson, Hammond & May have signed a deal with Amazon Video to create a new car show.

Clarkson, Hammond & May signs deal with Amazon Video

Following their very public departure from Top Gear, the world’s most popular TV show, they’ve managed to finalise the deal. Netflix was rumoured to be in talks, but it looks like Amazon managed to deliver on what the trio wanted – included better creative control.

The deal means that the trio will be creating three seasons, and the first season is expected to start by the end of the year, to air in 2016.

Former Top Gear executive, Andy Wilman, will be producing the show. Andy was responsible for revamping the Top Gear format, and its subsequent success.

The new show doesn’t have name yet, but for many fans, the name won’t matter much.

How will I be able to watch it in Australia?

Well, that’s something that we don’t know right now. Amazon Video is currently only available in the United States, unlike Netflix. This means that we might only have some less than legal options available. However, we do hope that we will get a legal way to watch the show, as it is released on the Amazon service.
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