The on again/off again entrance of Chrysler into the V8 Supercars racing series here in Australia has taken yet another turn, with Chrysler Australia announcing this week that it will not enter the series in 2013 as expected.

Two 300 SRT8 cars were to be campaigned by Garry Rogers Motorsport in 2013 with the introduction of the Car of the Future regulations but the local arm has failed to secure the finances from Chrysler in the US and has decided the campaign is now just too expensive.

However Chrysler Australia has not ruled out an entrance into the series as soon as 2014-budgets still have to be finalised and discussions are still ongoing.

The upshot of this news is that the 2013 V8SC season will duked out on Australia’s race tracks by Holden, Ford and Japanese car giant Nissan, who plan to field four cars (presumably the yet to be released US bound Altima large car) with the Kelly Racing team.

Daily Auto Fix is looking forward to bringing you all the action as it unfolds.

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