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Have you ever wanted to know where the cheapest place to buy a car in Australia is? Well we were wondering too, and whilst browsing the BMW Australia website we jumped on their website pricing gadget. We compared the new BMW 435i which will be released later this year.

Whilst we didn’t get very scientific, thanks to price advertising regulations in Australia, the price shown has to be a local drive-away price including all taxes and delivery costs. So here’s what we found:

Cheapest place to buy a car in Australia

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So after checking that out you’ll see the cheapest place to buy a car in Australia is in Queensland according to the BMW website. The Queensland price came in at $924.05 cheaper than the closest state which was South Australia.

The most expensive place to buy a car? Well that’s Western Australia coming in at $119,467.86 compared to Queensland at $115,786.45. A full $3681.40 in difference of price.

So, not only do we in Queensland have fantastic weather, we have cheaper cars!

Don’t just take our word for it though. Jump on your favourite manufacturer’s website and do a comparison for yourself. Most manufacturers will have the pricing information available for you to compare.

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