Ever since the unveiling of the BMW i8, fans have been wanting to have BMW M work their magic on the stunning design. Now, we don’t know if there ever will be a BMW M8 based off the i8, but we now know what it could have looked like with the BMW Vision Gran Turismo.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo  BMW M8

In the lead up to the launch of the PS3 title Gran Turismo 6 (GT6), BMW has created a BMW Vision Gran Turismo concept for inclusion in the game. Now, we don’t know if a production i8 will also be playable in the game, as it does sport the cred of M3 like performance.

We do know though that there are a few little bits and pieces worth noting on this BMW Vision Gran Turismo concept. Firstly, the little M badge on the front grille. This is a characteristic found on the latest M models including the M6, M6 Gran Coupe and the freshly unveiled M4 concept.

Secondly, this could be the track orientated version, similar to the M3 GT3 models currently available to racing teams for purchase.

Finally, the front spoiler/bumper design is right on with the current BMW M models. If this ever were to be a BMW M car, this would be a characteristic that would make sense to appear.

To keep the environmentalist off their back, and thanks to some partnerships with other auto makers, BMW could use a powerful hybrid system that would make this car a force to be reckoned with on the track. Huge amount of torque anyone?

Now this is all complete speculation, and hopes and dreams. However it would be nice to see this in some form of production right?

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