When it comes to servicing a European car you tend to know that it doesn’t come cheap. Usually that’s what you accept for the premium product you normally receive.

BMW introduced BMW Service Inclusive and Mini TLC service packages with the aim to simply make servicing hassle free. Essentially pay now, worry later.

For most, this makes a great deal of sense. Under the program annual checks, oil changes and labour costs are looked after for the set time and kilometre limit you purchase. You can also upgrade the program to include brake pads, brake discs, worn clutches and windscreen wiper blades too.

We’d highly recommend upgrading the package for any enthusiast who might use items like brakes faster than normal.

BMW revises BMW Service Inclusive and Mini TLC pricing

According to BMW Australia, the program has been extremely popular amongst customers with the newly announced reduction in prices to purchase the 5 Year / 80,000km (BMW) and 5 Year / 70,000km (Mini) offerings. Doubling sales since the new prices were announced.

If you’re purchasing an M5, 6 Series or 7 Series, the 4 Year / 60,000km package is standard. Give some needed peace of mind for customers. Brakes on an M5 are not cheap!

For pricing details, it is best to contact your local dealership for accurate information.

BMW revises BMW Service Inclusive and Mini TLC pricing

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