Here at DAF we like to think that by keeping the latest news in the Australian automotive industry flowing, we are not only keeping you, our readers, informed but helping out the community as well.

As such, today we continue that mission by informing you that BMW has announced a worldwide recall of all 5-series and 6-series cars built between 2003 and 2010, thanks to a faulty battery cable cover that may not have been properly fitted at the time of manufacture.

Even though 1.3 million of the affected models have been manufactured during that period, it seems that the number of cars confirmed as being affected by the problem is limited to a number you could count on your hands.

The problem is limited to most of the E60 sedans, E61 Wagons and most of the E63/E64 Coupes and Covertibles built over the period. In Australia, the problem is restricted to no more than 10,000 vehicles; most of these could still be found on the roads.

BMW say that the problem was only really discovered when owners of the affected cars noted their cars being slow to start however thanks to the heat (and, in extreme cases, fire) that can be generated by this type of fault, and the fact this was caused by the manufacturing process BMW has reacted quickly.

While BMW seem to have not issued any official instruction to the owners of the affected “ultimate driving machines” we here at DAF recommend that you should contact your local dealer if you think your car may be affected.

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