So it’s finally here, the unveiling of the BMW i3. After what feels a lifetime (2-years) of concepts, prototypes and CGI-videos the launch of the final production time has arrived.

At 10pm tonight you can watch the full unveiling of a game changing electric car. No doubt we’ll learn more about the final production designs, technology and hopefully pricing. We do know however that there will be a number of firsts for a production car including carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) which is super strong and super light.

The range which you will be able to achieve on just one charge of the batteries to power the 125kW producing electric motors will be between 130 and 160kms. The range can be increased thanks to BMW’s efficient dynamics including power regeneration through the brakes and from coasting. As an optional extra, you can also add a range extender, which is a conventional combustion diesel engine for those who know they’ll be doing longer trips.

BMW i3 Unveiling

The technology in the cabin is also about extending your range and increasing driver comfort. The navigation not only takes traffic into consideration, but also what route will be the most efficient for your car. So, for example, if there’s a route with more downhill sections it will choose that over another as it will allow you to charge the batteries, not discharge them.

Daily Auto Fix was able to find out that pricing, will be close to that of a 3 Series in Australia and when you think about current electric car prices, if we can have a electric car that packs as much technology, great urban styling and safety for a little more than a $60,000 Holden Volt. We’ll be lining up to place a deposit.

BMW i3 Unveiling

Tune back here at 10pm for the full unveiling streamed live!

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