The i3 due to be released this year from the new division of BMW called BMW i has been anticipated since its first announcement. The i3 is the fully electric answer from BMW for the urban environment. Featuring ground breaking manufacturing techniques and materials, this four door will no doubt do a lot in changing Australians perceptions of electric cars.


BMW however hasn’t stopped there with the i3, after the release of a i3 Concept Coupe video showing a great use case. This concept maintains all of the similar lines of the standard i3’s ‘stream flow’ design and according to the release. The vehicles rear seats will ‘experience a generous sense of space’.


The battery has been stated to give you 160km’s in one trip and with the optional fast charging option you will be able to recharge the vehicle back to 80% battery capacity in less than 30mins. Which if you decide to do a road trip on the off chance, your meal break would provide you with enough charge to keep going comfortably.


Focussing more on the tech. Intelligent ConnectedDrive aims to simplify your commutes with information that will provide you the driver with the most efficient and ecofriendly routes for maximum range.


The electric engine for the i3 Concept Coupe will generate 125kW of power and there’s a whole swag of smart technology to make sure you’re getting 100% of the best performance 100% of the time.

BMW i says that the BMW i3 Concept Coupe is intelligent and from the video below. It certainly seems that we are getting closer to an electric vehicle that makes sense and has been thoroughly thought out.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

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