BMW is a company which gets around as an iconic car company.  They have the capability to make epic cars, which means we can’t help but look at them favorably when they deliver an epic car.

Today however, they are awesome in the DAF books that is edited at  “Why?” Might you ask. Well, because they took company time and money, to design a car, with 42 wheels, 19 engines and 3 separate driving positions.

Yep, that’s right, they rendered and designed a working (in computer modelling) car that’s is ludicrous and wild,  all to fill the fantasy of one four year

The full specs of the car can be found here, and here’s how it looks below. What would be your dream car if you could be as extreme as your imagination would let you?


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Ben is a young motoring enthusiast who loves anything thing with wheels, and some things without! When not reading about cars, Ben is playing with his camera or computers.

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