We don’t get why it’s called a Coupé, but we simply love it. Despite the starting price of $184,800 (including GST and LCT, but not other charges/taxes) the car is simply impressive and if you were to arrive at the Golf Club with one of these you’d certainly draw attention.

The Gran Coupé really tops off the 6 series line up with the already existing 6 Coupé and Convertible. Externally you’ll notice beautiful proportions, sportiness and an element of supreme presence. The Gran Coupé is long at over 5 metres with a wheelbase over 11.3 centimetres longer than the Coupé and Convertible providing greater cabin room particularly for the rear passengers.

Powering the launch model 640i is the multi award winning straight six twin turbo engine producing 235kW of power. Acceleration from 0-100km/h is 5.4seconds with fuel consumption a commendable 7.9litres/100km.

The suspension in the vehicle has been designed to provide the best balance between dynamics and comfort with a unique setup compared to the rest of the 6 series line up. Like other current BMW models you are also able to specify via the iDrive computer system different driver modes including Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Eco Pro.

Of course for a top of the line BMW you expect a long list of features to be included and as always BMW delivers with a eight speed automatic transmission, cruise control with braking, driving experience control, reversing camera, adaptive LED headlights, full colour heads-up display, electric seats, professional navigation, Bluetooth connectivity…well you get the gist. There’s a long list, and what’s no surprise is the optional accessories list too.

Finally you’re able to spec up the Gran Coupé with the M Sports Package bringing larger rims, dark chrome tailpipes and a sportier body kit on the outside and on the inside you get the M Alcantara/Leather trim and other M goodies.

The 640i Gran Coupé will be hitting showrooms this month (July) so keep an eye out at your local dealer!

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AshMan, aka Ashley, has had a passion for cars since playing with Matchbox cars as a youngster. Currently working on World Domination and looks foward to seeing you on the small screen soon. He also likes people following him on Twitter: @ashmansays

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  1. Ash

    The matte silver 640 coupe getting around Brisbane looks amazing. Can’t wait to see one of these. Are there any plans to bring out an M version?