A BMW, in Australia, continues to be the most desirable car for Australians to own. BMW, today, has announced that the 3 Series will be that much more achievable with the 316i entry level sedan.

BMW 316i Sedan

Starting from $50,900 and with production starting this month, the 1.6litre TwinPower turbo four-cylinder should be a hit in Australia. The 3 Series models which have launched in Australia have received great reviews all round and we hope that this new engine will deliver too.

The new engine with its twin-scroll turbo will produce 100kW of power and travel from 0-100km/h in 9.2 seconds. The 316i with the smaller engine does mean the power to weight ratio isn’t as great, but the resulting fuel economy is still good at 5.9litres per 100km.

BMW 316i Sedan

When looking at standard options for the car it will be sharing the same spec sheet as the 318d sedan. Meaning that you will have DSC, active protection accident preparation program, six airbags, dynamic braking lights, anti-dazzle interior mirror and rain sensor with automatic headlight control.

There is also dual-zone climate control, man-made leather upholstery, multi-function steering wheel, USB audio, and a 6.5inch display with iDrive standard too. If that isn’t enough there is of course the full range of options available to be spec’d on the 316i including the M Sport Package. (We highly recommend the M Sport Package.)

BMW 316i Sedan

The BMW 316i itself is a welcomed addition to the existing 3 Series line-up and is a model which Europe has had for quite a while. If you’re wanting a 3 Series sedan but can’t stretch to the larger engines this should suffice. We are a little concerned about the number of airbags included. No doubt, the safety of the car is generally better but a 2001 E46 318i Sedan had 8 airbags come standard and us as customers like to have lots of airbags. Who doesn’t like exploding life saving devices in cars?

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