Update: It’s official. The Stone Brothers Racing team and Erebus Racing will be bringing 3 E-Class vehicles built under the Car of the Future guidlines to race in next years competition. Whilst there will be no official Mercedes-Benz Australia support, there will be support from AMG through the Mercedes-Benz Customer Sports Program. So there you go! Nissan, Ford, Holden and Mercedes-Benz will be taking it to the grid next year!

For quite a while it has always been said that next year in the V8 Supercar Championship there will be four manufacturers competing. Whilst we know that Ford, Holden and Nissan will be there, the final one has been unknown until today.

It’s expected that the Stone Brothers Racing team will be moving from Ford to Mercedes-Benz. Yep, you read that right. Mercedes-Benz. The manufacturer which is known locally for the deadly C63 Black Edition.

The move won’t be backed by Mercedes-Benz themselves, but funded by Melbourne based team Erebus Racing. Well…that’s what has been heard apparently. The vehicles themselves will be E-Class V8 racers built by AMG specifically for the V8 Supercar Championship.

Unfortunately it seems that proper manufacturer support will be non-existent or very limited because whilst Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart is supportive, Mercedes-Benz Australia isn’t too keen on the idea. Why? Because apparently it doesn’t fit the brands image here in Australia.

So does this mean that despite the AMG line up including the G55 and Black Editions, that Australian’s aren’t keen on seeing Mercedes-Benz lining up on the grid to race some Fords, Holden’s and Nissan’s? Perhaps Mercedes-Benz wants to target the old fuddy duddys a little more by saying we’re responsible and don’t be silly around tracks.

Perhaps BMW might swing in and do what it did many years ago and dominate the competition? I guess we’ll find out later today!

In the meantime, what manufacturer would you like to see competing in the V8 Supercar Championship if you could pick any one?

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