Most drivers would be aware that there are fixed speed cameras in Brisbane’s new Legacy Way Tunnel; the 4.6km tunnel which connects the Western Freeway with the Inner City Bypass, but what many don’t seem to know is that there will also be average speed cameras in the Legacy Way Tunnel that will be activated later in the year.

Confirmed by the Queensland Police Service Media Team today, the six speed cameras installed in the Legacy Way Tunnel (3 in each direction), can also double as average speed cameras. More specifically, they can work in the fixed speed camera or average speed camera modes simultaneously.

Currently, they are only operating in the fixed speed camera mode, but when all speed signs are monitored within the tunnel later in the year, the average speed camera modes will be activated as well. At the moment, only the signs in the vicinity of the fixed speed camera systems are monitored to validate the speed at those sites.

During the first week of the tunnel’s operation, 314 speeding drivers were issued infringements for speeding in the tunnel.

“While we know speeding is dangerous on any road, it is particularly alarming to see it occurring in a confined environment such as a tunnel,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said.

Of course, if a serious auto accidents occurs in a tunnel, there are a number of risks presented to others, as well as limited accessibility for emergency vehicles, that’s why is important to be able to contact an accident attorney baton rouge in case the car get crush or you suffer for an injury. However, many might argue that the monitoring of speed with 3 fixed speed cameras and an average speed camera in each direction seems a bit excessive.

At a press conference on July 8, 2015, it was confirmed that a driver will only receive one infringement, even if they are detected multiple times in a single trip – for fairness.

Whilst everyone can surely understand the importance of maintaining a safe speed in an enclosed space – like a tunnel – it can also turn into an episode where drivers are spending more time looking at their speedo, rather than focusing on the road ahead of them.

If you’re wanting to keep up with where all fixed cameras are including red light and fixed speed cameras are, be sure to check out the Department of Transport website here.

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