When you think of supercars, you think of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Not only do they tout awesome performance but they also have a limited chance of spotting one at a set of traffic lights.

A company called Hermann Brandt Hartvig (HBH) thought that Aston Martin wasn’t hard core enough with their current line-up of vehicles. So they took a V12 Vantage, moved the engine to behind the seats and gave the body some plastic surgery.

The result? HBH call it the Bulldog GT.

You might notice that very little remains on the outside, with only the side windows and wheels surviving the surgery, and then similar looking side intakes have been added hinting at inspiration being drawn from the One-77.

HBH also wasn’t impressed with the original V12 Vantage’s outputs of 380kw and 570Nm. So what did they do? HBH strapped on two turbochargers to produce a very impressive 496kW of power and a huge 756Nm of torque paired with a six-speed manual box.

No hints of pricing for this one-off vehicle, however if you do purchase the vehicle you not only get the car, but also half of its production rights. You know, in case you want to have a fleet of them.

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