At the start of April on here we shared a view from BMW about Luxury Car Tax in Australia. The argument presented showed that with the tax the government is stopping technology and environmental innovation from being more accessible.

Below is a photo of a brand new M5 which crashed after being cut off by another driver at 300km/h in Germany. It occurred on one of the unrestricted areas on their Autobahn.

from BMW Blog

In the vehicle were obviously the driver, but also a passenger and a dog. All of which survived. They sustained pretty heavy injuries; however they survived a 300km/h crash in a passenger vehicle. That is pretty amazing.

According to the BMW Blog post which originally posted the story says that the M5 hit the centre divider, bounced off and flipped several times until it landed in the grass.

To compare the speeds they were going at, Bathurst has its share of V8 Supercar crashes at similar speeds. The V8 race cars however have full roll-cages and other safety equipment compared to this passenger car.

So are we missing out on this technology in Australia because the taxes are making it unattainable?

We hope that the passengers and their dog is recovering well and that they are on the road again soon.

Check here for the BMW Blog Post

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