Alfa Romeo must have had something put into the water, because it seems that they can’t do any wrong with their new models. From the updated Giulietta through to the 4C Coupe and Spider, their design and performance seems to be entering a whole new level for the brand.

Now, the next chapter begins with the reveal of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, a sports sedan that packs loads of power with a Ferrari base, perfect weight distribution and jaw dropping design. This model is so significant to Alfa Romeo, they’ve even updated the classic badge design.

Alfa Romeo Giulia the 4 door supercar

Starting from the outside, the Giulia is has the three core Italian design elements: sense of proportion, simplicity and surface quality. Due to the 50/50 weight balance, and RWD setup, the design does well to provide short overhangs, but a long bonnet and the right mix of masculine features.

Under the hood, a new engine has been designed by engineers who all have a Ferrari background. This engine is an incredible 380kW six-cylinder turbo petrol made from aluminum and sprints the Giulia from 0-100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. All whilst being fuel efficient with an electronically controlled cylinder deactivation system.

Helping translate that 380kW of power to the ground is a Torque Vectoring system and a double clutch transmission, plus an Active Aero Splitter at the front of the vehicle to provide better down force and stability at high speeds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia the 4 door supercar

When it comes to achieving its 50/50 weight balance, and to make the handling as good as it can, the engineering team worked to ensure that all bulky parts of the car are not only laid out to achieve this balance, but to also maximise the cabin space. Because a small pokey sedan isn’t exactly that comfortable, also this car counts with a great dash, which is perfect for even installing a camera from Blackbox My Car, so any accident get a record for police or insurance cover.

But wait, it gets better again. Don’t be surprised if you spot bits of carbon fibre around, because it has been used for the propeller shaft, bonnet and the roof, whilst aluminum has been picked for the engine block, brakes, suspension, doors and wings. AND carbon ceramic discs are present with along with carbon fibre in the seat frames too.

Alfa Romeo Giulia the 4 door supercar

Now, if there weren’t any photos, you would be forgiven for thinking that these specs belong to a supercar. Perfect weight distribution, carbon ceramic brakes, active aero splitter, carbon fibre roof and bonnet and a 0-100km/h time of 3.9 seconds. However, it’s a four door sedan.

Best of all – FCA Australia President and CEO, Pat Dougherty, confirmed that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be coming to Australia.

Alfa Romeo – you’ve just made us huge fans.


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