Fiat Chrysler Australia has confirmed that the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will be arriving in November, 2015. Whilst the hard top Alfa Romeo 4C has already landed and has taken everybody by storm, the open top 4C Spider should appeal to those wanting an open top sports car experience.

Just like the 4C, the 4C Spider is crafted with exotic materials and molded into an Italian icon – including a carbonfibre monocoque chassis, and an all-aluminum turbocharged and inter-cooled engine that takes advantage of the incredible power-to-weight ratio.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider confirmed for Australia

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If you love your mod cons, you’ll be left disappointed, but if it’s a true driving experience that you’re after, you’ll be quite pleased. The 4C Spider only includes the bare essentials needed to deliver a true drivers environment. It’s also the exact type of experience that you want with a car like this.

On the inside, you’ll find two composite-framed sports seats – dressed with leather, the carbonfibre monocoque without any trim to hide its beauty, and flat-bottom performance steering wheel complimented with aluminum pedals.

The turbocharged engine produces 177kW of power and 350Nm of torque, and uses high-pressure direct-injection with multi-hole fuel injectors to provide an even spray of fuel. The inclusion of optimised cylinder head inlet ducts means that oil usage is reduced, and every drop of performance is squeezed out of the relatively small engine.

This means sub-supercar performance for sports car money.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider confirmed for Australia

To us, it takes everything we love about the Alfa Romeo 4C and turns it into a car that won’t only reward you on a twisty mountain road, but also every other second from traffic in the city, to the wide open road – where you get to explore the whole new world above you.

Get Alfa Romeo 4C Spider BrochureFind Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Dealer

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