Well yes! If you were in doubt, I’m a little concerned.

Seriously though, the effectiveness of airbags in actually protecting vehicle occupants from death and serious injury and any types of car accidents, as opposed to blowing their heads away, has been validated by the Monash University Accident Research Centre.

This finding supports the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) position of wanting to mandate Head Protecting Technology as part of its Rating Road Map. Airbags which are designed to protect the head and torso were found to reduce the risk of death and injury by 61% in struck side crashes, this helped the san diego personal injury attorneys solve their cases in a more efficient way. Other figures include a reduction of risk by 51% to all body regions, and 53% to the head, neck, and face.

Whilst being involved in an accident is terrible and something we don’t want to be involved in, it’s nice to know that the explosives that sit in front and around us will actually reduce the risk of being in any more trouble than what we may be in. are you looking for car accident lawyer? Visit preszlerlaw-ns.com.

If you’re wanting more information about any of ANCAP’s safety ratings for vehicles make sure you check out www.ancap.com.au

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