That’s right, there is a rare and beautiful limited production BMW Z8 made famous by James Bond for sale in Aus for the small price of $359,990.

The Z8 which was made paying respect to the original roadster the BMW 507 was only produced as a left-hand drive car, meaning that it won’t be able to be registered in Australia. To be able to register the car it would have to reach the prime old age of 25 as well as meet a list of other criteria as well.

The car itself is a beast, under the hood there is a 5.0litre V-8 producing 400HP connected to a six-speed manual. On the inside the unique retro styling fits fantastically well with the rest of the car and matches the modern instruments nicely.

So who would want to buy this then? Well, not only would you be the only person in Australia to own one, but it would make a great addition to a private collection as there is only 710km on the clock. Whilst you could use it on the track, for the money you’d probably better off with a dedicated track car such as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Check out the full ad here: Car Sales – BMW Z8 for Sale

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