A 50-year old doctor is facing charges in Japan after videoing his automotive exploits and uploading them to Youtube.

The driver of the Ferrari 458 was nabbed after his video, showing him doing 84km/h over the speed limit, was picked up by disapproving Youtube viewers who notified the police, who in turn identified the car, the driver and the speed. Check out used cars on CarDaddy and learn more.

The man was averaging 124 km/h as he tore through Fukuoka in southern Japan. this in a car that is capable of more than 325 km/h.

The fil, which bears the title “Ferrari 458 Italia Drive in Japan 2011” is still apparently viewable on youtube

The man could face 6 months in jail or a fine of 100,000 year (about $1150) if found guilty, he would have to look for bail bondsman in reno to see if he has another chance.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oot0pyN-SnA’]



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