Uniden iGO CAM 820 Review
Ease of Use8.5
What we liked
  • Dual cameras
  • Audio quality
What we didn't like
  • Build Quality
  • Really useful features only in higher model
7.8Overall Score

Not only is it important to record what’s happening in front of your car, but recording your cabin and what’s happening behind you, can also be an important thing if you’re involved in an accident. Today, we’re taking a look at the Uniden iGO CAM 820 camera with dual cameras.Uniden iGO CAM 820 Review

Key Specs:

  • 2 x 180 degree Swivel Cameras
  • Full HD 1080P Recording
  • 2inch LCD Screen
  • Anti-Shaking Function
  • Motion Detection/Collision Detection
  • Infrared Nightvision

With a suggested retail of $169.95, this camera offers dual camera recording and mid-level features for the price. It offers a core set of features for a dashcam, but goes that little bit further with the ability to record more action than usual – without the need for extra cables, or complicated installs of a second camera.

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Set Up

Uniden iGO CAM 820 Review

Getting the iGO CAM 820 setup is pretty easy, included in the box is a suction cup mount, power cables and video output cables. The power cables included allow you to use either a 12volt socket, or a USB cable.

You will have to provide your own MicroSD card, no bigger than 32GB and at least a Class 6 speed (any electronics store will be able to find an appropriate MicroSD card).

With the camera setup on your dash, you’ll have to arrange the cameras. You can get creative with where you’re pointing the cameras, but we recommend facing one camera forwards, and one back.

The included instruction booklet will help you get through the menus, but you’ll probably only use it as a last resort. Everything is straight forward and easy to understand from the menu buttons to the software itself.

On the Road

After getting set up, the iGO CAM 820 can be left to its own devices. It will start up and shut down automatically. I will loop record, and also activate night vision on its own.

The audio and video captured was good quality, and better than we expected. It’s worth noting that you should buy a good quality memory card, to ensure it can keep up with recording two sets of video at once.

If you’re not wanting to record the conversation on the inside of the car, you are able to turn off the audio recording. It’s handy to know that it can do that, just in case one of your passengers feels uncomfortable.

When we were doing some online research, we found mostly negative user reviews of the camera. Issues highlighted were related to stutter recording and the quality of the suction mount.  We didn’t experience either of these two issues during our two week review period;  which included moving it between different vehicles. We did however ensure we were using a high quality Class 10 memory card which will help in reducing any stuttering of video.

What we would have liked to see included is GPS speed, and position tracking, but those features are saved for the next model up.

Favourite feature

The whole purpose of this camera is to record two difference angles at once, and ultimately it worked really well. This makes is easy to call it our favourite feature.

It’s easy to change the angles, the quality of the footage is great and having in car footage and a good view out of the rear window can potentially make a big difference to insurance accident claims.

Availability & Price

Uniden iGO CAM 820 Review

Finding the Uniden iGO CAM 820 should be fairly easy. Most major electronics retailers like Officeworks, or Harvey Norman stock it – and usually below the RRP of $169.95. At time of writing JB HiFi had the camera available online for $144.

Considering insurance excesses can commonly range from $500 to $2000 or even more – all you need is a single incident where you can prove you weren’t at fault for it to maybe pay for itself.

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The Uniden iGO CAM 820 is a good mid-range dashcam that allows you to record two angles at once. We’d like to see some more features included, however if you just want a camera looking both ways, this is a good start.

With over 100,000 accidents estimated to be happening each year in Australia, not only might you record a future YouTube viral video, but you might also be able to go a long way to saving yourself some major insurance headaches.

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