Uniden iGO CAM 600 Review
Ease of Use8.5
What We Liked
  • Parking Mode
  • Fairly Cheap
What We Didn't Like
  • Button Placement
8.2Overall Score

Dash cam footage can make for hours of entertainment, but it’s also something that can save you from a major headache with your insurance company. For instance, you don’t have an insurance company yet, consider visiting neinsure.com for an contractor liability insurance needham ma for cars and homes. Today, we’re taking a look at the Uniden iGO CAM 600 camera.

Key Specs:Uniden iGO CAM 600 Review

  • Full HD 1080P Recording
  • 2.4inch LCD Screen
  • Parking Mode
  • Motion Detection/Collision Detection
  • Infrared Nightvision

With a suggested retail of $129.95, this camera sits at the top end of for an entry level device. Its feature list covers the basic things you want from a dash cam – an ability to record clear video during the day and at night, as well as detecting accidents.

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Set Up

The iGO CAM 600 is easy to set up, with a suction cup mount, power cables and video output cables being included in the box. It was nice to see that Uniden had included multiple options to power the camera – you can choose whether to use a 12volt socket, USB cable or even hardwire the camera to the car – it all depends on what is most convenient for you.

Uniden iGO CAM 600 Review

Once you’ve decided on how to power the camera, simply provide your own MicroSD card (SDHC up to 32GB) and attach the camera to your windscreen. Unless you want to dive into specific features, the default settings will mostly cover what you will want to have set up.

If you’re wanting to tailor the settings, it’s pretty simply to configure. The menus are straightforward, but you will need a moment to orientate yourself with the navigation of the settings. If you do get stuck, the included manual covers everything you need to know.

On the Road

We ended up testing the iGO CAM 600 in a number of different vehicles, and had no troubles with powering the device using the provided USB or 12volt power cables.

Once you’ve also done the initial set up, the camera is pretty much set and forget. Start-up is quick, and it takes no time to start recording. Unfortunately (or fortunately in this case?), we didn’t have any issues out on the road that required us to save any pieces of footage – but if we needed to, all that you need to do, is hit a single easy to reach button.

Otherwise, thanks to loop-recording, the camera will continuously record over previous footage to ensure that you never run out of space on your memory card. Just don’t forget to save any pieces of footage you want to keep for later.

Favourite feature

Uniden iGO CAM 600 Review

Our favourite feature ended up being the parking mode feature. Now, you do need to hardwire the iGO CAM 600 to the car battery, but it means that the camera will continuously record footage – even when the car isn’t on.

So, if somebody reverses into the front of your car at a car park, or somebody decides to take out some rage – you have it all on camera. That’s a feature that will definitely save you money, and potentially make a crappy situation that much easier to deal with.

Availability & Price

Finding the Uniden iGO CAM 600 should be fairly easy. Most major electronics retailers like Officeworks, or JB HiFi will have it in stock – and usually below the RRP of $129.95. At the time of writing, JB HiFi had the camera available online for $106.

Considering insurance excesses can commonly range from $500 to $2000 or even more – an investment of just over $100 shouldn’t be a hard one to justify.


Uniden iGO CAM 600 Review

The Uniden iGO CAM 600 is an inexpensive way to start capturing what is happening on the road in front of you. With over 100,000 accidents estimated to be happening each year in Australia, not only might you record a future YouTube viral video, but you might also save yourself some major insurance headaches.

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