2015 Holden Colorado Ute Review
Initial Impression7.5
What We Liked
  • Tough Looking Truck
  • Huge Torque
  • Great Towing Capacity
We We Didn't Like
  • No Rear Parking Camera
  • Due For An Update
8Overall Score

In amongst a sea of pick-up trucks, the Holden Colorado always finds itself up at the top end of the shopping list, so we decided to see why that may be the case in our 2015 Holden Colorado Ute review. Being in a trucking industry is an extremely competitive field that’s why it is essential to get help from http://truckingcompanyfunding.com/brandon-foster-tulsa-ok/ to maintain the growth and success of business.

Once upon a time we judged a good pick-up by how much it could carry in the back, and how much it could tow. Today, it’s looks, comfort and practicality that top the list of itowmportance for consumers. We assume that the load ratings and tow ratings are class leading, especially from a leading manufacturer. Contact us for towing services for your car.

2015 Holden Colorado Ute Review

Get Holden Colorado Ute BrochureTest Drive the Holden Colorado Ute

The 2015 Holden Colorado seems to understand those key elements on the surface. Not only does it look good from almost all angles, it boasts a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, 4×4 and 4×2 drive options, and even leather appointed seats in higher spec models, but it also features ISOFIX child restraint anchor points in the second row.

Powering all 2015 Colorado models is a Duramax 2 Diesel engine producing 147kW of power and 500Nm of torque in the automatic model (440Nm in the manual model). Our pick of the transmissions would be the 6-speed automatic over the 6-speed manual. Not only do you get more torque, but overall, the driving experience is a lot better when you don’t need to worry about a clutch when trying to tow a big load.

Our review model is the entry level trim LS model, in the 4×4 Crew Cab Pick Up chassis configuration. However, depending on your budget and your needs, there’s a wide range of models to suit. Plus there’s a massive range of Holden Genuine Accessories and accessories from third parties to suit.

Initial Impression

2015 Holden Colorado Ute Review

The Holden Colorado fits the brief for a tough looking truck. It sits high, features an imposing grill and gives off that go-anywhere vibe. Also fitted to our review model was a Holden Genuine Accessory Canopy that provides an enclosed rear tray – further adding to its go-anywhere vibe.

Even though the LS model doesn’t have alloy wheels, the wheel on the Colorado don’t look as terrible as you might expect. However, we would have preferred to have seen some alloy wheels fitted.

On the inside, it definitely screams utility. The seats are comfortable for long drives, and there’s plenty of plastic to be found – including the floor, doors, dash and more. A leather wrapped steering wheel was a nice touch though, providing a much better feeling than a moulded plastic wheel.

Other pick-up utes such as the new Nissan Navara, and Ford Ranger feature more car like features on the inside – but we think the Colorado interior would stand the test of time better if facing the prospect of a hard wearing life. Especially since there are storage compartments on almost every surface – including 6 cup holders in the front alone.


2015 Holden Colorado Ute Review

With a massive 500Nm of torque available on tap, it doesn’t take long to realise that the Colorado means serious business. Unfortunately, if you decide the plant your foot to nab a gap up ahead, the power isn’t there straight away – it does take a split second for the engine to catch up to you. It’s enough of a delay to make you change your driving style ever so slightly.

Despite that, the Colorado drives just like you’d expect a pick-up that weighs over 2 tonne to drive. The steering is weighted, there’s a great deal of visibility, next to no side blind spots, people will get out of your way on the road – making navigating peak hour traffic a breeze.

If you’re one to venture off-road, the Colorado really comes into its own. Changing driving modes is done through a dial with 2WD, 4WD and low-range 4WD being easy to select. The approach and departure angles will suffice for most applications and thanks to Hill-Start Assist and Hill-Descent systems – you won’t have to worry about those inclines and declines.

During our review of the Holden Colorado, we travelled almost 1200km’s in a week and managed an average of 8.9 litres/100km, beating the claimed figure of 9.1 litres/100km for the automatic model. We were impressed with this, due to our mix of driving including highway and city traffic, plus 4WD use off-road.


2015 Holden Colorado Ute Review

It seems that amongst the growing trend for families to opt for an SUV over a sedan, some families who enjoy the outdoors are choosing pick-ups to give them even more flexibility in their day-to-day lives and weekend adventures.

With that in mind, we think the Colorado strikes a good mix of being able to bear the brunt of school runs, shopping and school sports plus weekend’s off-roading or picking up mulch for the garden. It provides the base, and a means of getting from A to B.

Entertainment is sorted with the excellent Holden MyLink system, and the rear parking sensors in the LS assist in squeezing the big truck into small shopping centre car parks. The addition of a rear parking camera would make the job an even easier affair.


The Holden Colorado model we reviewed, the LS 4×4 Pick Up Crew Cab chassis, sits around $40,000 – depending on the retail sale campaigns running. At that price, it makes a strong business case, as it provides more utility and versatility than any other SUV at the same price point.

Going up against its competition, it remains priced competitively bring the decision down to what you ultimately want from a pick-up – even in some cases beating out its competition by over $10,000 for the equivalent model.

Lifetime capped price servicing is available across the Colorado range, allowing you to get a better idea of the maintenance costs throughout the life of the vehicle. Add in a 3 Year/100,000km Warranty, and Roadside Assist to that mix too.



In an extremely competitive market, the 2015 Holden Colorado with its family and tradie friendly abilities, sharp pricing and overall good performance has done an extremely good job at making us want to keep it in our test garage for a little while longer. If you’re looking for a grill for your freightliner, you should check these freightliner grills.

Sure, it’s doesn’t boast the most creature comforts, but at its core it does a great job at doing whatever you need it to do. To us, that’s one of the most important things when looking for a good pick up – versatility. The Colorado has the ability to adapt on a daily basis, and delivers the goods every time. In other blogs, checkout this article about Joint Commission consulting.

Get Holden Colorado Ute BrochureTest Drive the Holden Colorado Ute

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