2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Review
Initial Impression9
Target Market9
Practicality 8
What we liked
  • 100kW engine
  • Responsive CVT
  • Cabin size
What we didn't like
  • Lack of spare wheel
  • Expensive replacement cost for tyres
8.3Overall Score

Daily Auto Fix, thanks to your fantastic response to our very first review… the 2012 Suzuki Alto…has been able to keep the reviews rolling! We are therefore very pleased to bring you our experiences, insights and feelings on the brand new 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Auto CVT.


Whilst you may have seen the Swift Sport buzzing around on the roads, you may not have known that until now manual drivers have been the ones having all of the fun! Apart from the new transmission, the rest of the car stays the same to the manual version. This means a sporty body kit, stiffer suspension, ventilated front brakes on the outside and a leather wrapped steering wheel, sport seats and distinctive red stitching throughout. Also included in the package are polished alloy pedals, cruise control, and digital climate control.


The 4 cylinder producing 100kW accelerates the Sport to 100km/h in just over eight seconds and the rev happy engine is communicated through its twin exhaust pipes which are nicely integrated into the rear diffuser. With the 7 speed Auto CVT transmission it also means some great fuel economy.

The whole package fits nicely at around $26,000 including a 3 year/100,000km warranty, which is perfect for peace of mind. However, when you get behind the wheel you’re not going to be thinking price, just having a huge amount of fun!

Initial Impression

With a fantastic pearl white metallic finish, what is presented can’t be mistaken for being anything else but a hot hatch that just wants you to drive it. The exterior design is rally inspired but is not over the top…which is actually a really nice touch.  A lot of other vehicles try to be too much on the exterior with excessive plastic bumps and lines, but the Suzuki Swift Sport gets it just right. If you are looking for good cars that is available for rent,go to this link for more information used Lexus gs 350 new york ny


When you jump into the car you’re welcomed with a sporty interior highlighted by the red stitching on the sports seats, steering wheel and gear selector. Whilst the seats are cloth it was great to see a full leather multifunction steering wheel which made driving a lot more comfortable.

Target Market

So with its rally inspired exterior design and interior luxuries including Bluetooth, USB, keyless locking and push start and a decent amount of boot space. Does it really hit the mark for its target market?

Unlike the Alto where we thought they missed an opportunity in appealing to young males, we think that the Swift Sport really nailed it. Males and Females who might have just got their P Plates or even early 20somethings are going to love this car. My sister, who is still learning to drive, had a blast in this car and could see herself driving this everyday with her friends.

I must say that was the point where it freaked me out a little. I loved this car and so did my sister! It was the realisation that this car can really hit the mark in a lot of different areas and satisfy both my wants for a car which I can enjoy on back roads as well as a car which my little sister could drive comfortably every day. Massive kudos to Suzuki on this one.


When it comes to practicality in a hatch, what I think of is if I carry a load of friends and our gear in the boot. Whilst the Swift Sport isn’t the largest hatch out there, it was able to achieve this. The back seats did have limited head room thanks to the sloping roof line, however for short drives this posed no problem for myself or my friends who are just over 6 feet tall.

A car load of teenage girls of course wouldn’t have a problem, though knowing my sister’s shopping habits they may run out of boot space fairly quickly! One note as well is that because there is no spare wheel (you’re provided with a repair kit instead), you do get a nice little hidden storage space to hide things under the boot floor.


During the week which I had the Swift Sport, there wasn’t a hesitation to jump in and perform the errands in the car as it was so easy and comfortable to drive.


So of course, cars these days are drivable. A little invention of the steering wheel and the inclusion of four wheels makes this possible. However some cars just don’t seem to be able to either be enjoyed or used as they were intended beyond that.

The Swift Sport did a really good job here and whilst the engine would have done even better with a turbo attached, the power to weight ratio is killer for what it is and seriously was a lot of fun to drive. When we were driving sensibly we actually achieved a better fuel economy figure than what Suzuki states which was 5.6litres per 100km versus 6.1litres per 100km.


We took the Swift Sport out to some great back roads and the front wheel drive system came to its own and really did feel like we were on a small time rally circuit. The Continental tyres which come paired with the 17” alloys held well and didn’t show any sign of weakness with the moderate driving we undertook.


So perhaps we covered this off when talking about the drivability, but we could live with this car day in and day out. During the week which we had the car it wasn’t a chore to drive or to use when carrying out the movie night pick up duties, completing the weekly shopping, cruises to the Gold Coast from Brisbane or exploring some exciting roads.

The keyless entry and keyless push button start also makes things that much more convenient as well as the Bluetooth functionality which never skipped a beat with my Windows Phone.


The Swift Sport hitting around the $26,000 drive away does start to creep up, however with the plethora of safety features, great exterior and awesome performance you do get a pretty good chunk of car for the money. Oh and don’t forget the awesome warranty to go along.

One catch we did find was with the Continental tyres which come with the vehicle. We stopped into a local big brand tyre chain and we were quoted $365 each tyre (fitted and aligned). This cost when compared to the actual cost of the vehicle is pretty high. Though to be perfectly honest, would we want to see a cheaper or a non-performance orientated tyre fitted? No, definitely not. So we’ll put this one down to a necessary evil to have the enjoyment this car brings…which is a lot!


So in the end, did we like this car? Hell yeah. The Swift Sport with the Auto CVT transmission attached to the 100kW engine surpassed our expectations big time…in a very good way too.

The included extras, the warranty and the fun which we had during our time with the vehicle shows that Suzuki has come to the table with a strong competitor into the hot hatch market.

The Suzuki Swift Sport is one that we’d definitely recommend to you our readers to check out!

About The Author

AshMan, aka Ashley, has had a passion for cars since playing with Matchbox cars as a youngster. Currently working on World Domination and looks foward to seeing you on the small screen soon. He also likes people following him on Twitter: @ashmansays

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