It’s 2013 and there has been no shortage of big expensive vehicles making its debut. Our list of the world’s most expensive cars though won’t just include cars from 2013, it will include some of the most expensive ones to change hands recently.

Just so you know, these have been converted from USD to AUD! We can’t image what the prices would be if we added the ‘Australia Tax’!

10. Porsche 918 Spyder $930,000

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

Compared to the rest of the list, this is cheap. Even though it comes in at number 10 on our list, it would be near the top of our ‘must have list’. Why?

It sprints from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and it’s a hybrid. Yes, it is just like a Prius but much (much!) faster. Plus just on its batteries you can travel just under 30km’s and achieve a fuel economy of just 3.3litres/100km. Not bad for a supercar.

9. McLaren P1 $1.22 Million

McLaren P1

We are only at number 9 and we’ve cracked the $1 Million mark.

The McLaren P1 is the successor to the legendary McLaren F1, which held the title of the world’s fastest car. If you were to compare the two, the McLaren F1 would represent everything old school and the McLaren P1 would represent the absolute bleeding edge of hypercar technology.

The McLaren P1 boasts a top speed of a measly 350km/h thanks to its 600+kW twin-turbo V8 engine paired with its electric motor. It isn’t a hybrid though like the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 boasts a F1 like KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System).

Unfortunately there will be only 375 built, and most – if not all – have been bought up!

8. Zenvo ST1 $1.3 Million

Zenvo ST1

It’s ok if you haven’t heard of the Zenvo ST1. It comes from a small operation in Denmark and there will be only ever three made unfortunately.

Under its hood is a turbo supercharged (yes, turbo supercharged) 7.0litre V8 engine. Whilst we can’t comment on its fuel economy, it does mean a 0-100km/h time of just three seconds.

7. Maybach Landaulet $1.45 Million

Maybach Landaulet

The Maybach brand might not be in use anymore by Mercedes, but it doesn’t mean that its crazy expensive cars can’t be on our list. The Maybach Landaulet could even be a contender for the craziest and most boss car there is.

In the front, this space is exclusively for your chauffeur. The back? Well that’s for you. It has everything you could imagine having and more. Want it to be a convertible? No problem.

If you want a car that you’re not meant to even drive. This is the car for you.

6. Ferrari La Ferrari $1.5 Million

Ferrari La Ferrari

In case you didn’t know, the name ‘La Ferrari’ is Italian for ‘The Ferrari’. So when you’re parked at a hotel and they ask which one is yours, you say ‘The Ferrari’. Nothing more.

The name doesn’t matter though. It is all about the engine. The engine is a V12 with a KERS system like the McLaren P1, and produces 708kW of adrenaline producing power.

Most of the time we talk about a 0-100km/h time to measure performance, but for the La Ferrari its 0-190km/h time is even more impressive sitting at under 7 seconds. That’s faster than or just as fast as a good majority of vehicles available today in their pursuit of reaching 100km/h.

There are only 499 planned to be built, and if you haven’t already been invited to purchase one you have already missed out.

5. Pagani Huayra $1.5 Million

Pagani Huayra

Ever desired a car which has a name you can’t pronounce? This is probably is the car.

Underneath this ‘God of the Winds’ bonnet is a AMG manufactured 6.0litre V12 engine with two turbochargers. It has a bucket load of power, and even more torque than most could probably handle.

Is this a practical car? No. Do you still desire the car and its gullwing doors? Yes.

4. Koenigsegg Agera R $1.77 Million

 Koenigsegg Agera R

What is arguably even more extreme than the Pagani? It would have to be the Koenigsegg Agera R with its lack of weight and immense amount of power from its twin-turbo V8.

The exact amount of power? 820kW!! The exact amount of torque? 1200Nm!

We couldn’t even be sure if we’d be comfortable with that amount of power under foot.

3. Bugatti Veyron Legend Meo Constantini $3.1 Million

Bugatti Veyron Legend Meo Constantini

Bugatti is almost as bad as Lamborghini when it comes to special editions. This special edition, the Bugatti Veyron Legend Meo Constantini is named after a friend of the Bugatti founder who raced many years ago.

Of course being a Bugatti Veyron, there is an incredible 1200hp or 895kW being produced from the W16, and a top speed of 408km/h. Which is just simply incredible from a car which still has air conditioning, a stereo and a full interior.

Finally, it is only available only in its colour combination which we are definitely a fan of.

2. W Motors Lykan Hypersport $3.7 Million

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

For the number two car, this is another lesser known maker who has managed to create a monster hypercar. In fact, this is from Lebanon.

The W Motors Lykan Hypersport is fast with a 0-100km/h sprint time of 2.7 seconds coming from a unlikely turbocharged V6 engine. Which would arguably be tiny compared to the other W16 an V12 engines floating around on this list.

What makes this car so expensive isn’t just due to the performance, but also the materials and technology used. In case you’re planning to own a car, send your loan application at loanload. If you’re wondering about its process, learn this here now at The LED lights are covered in diamonds and there is even a holographic display!

1. Lamborghini Veneno $4.5 Million

Lamborghini Veneno

Number one in our World’s Most Expensive Cars list is with no surprise a Lamborghini. The definition of insane has always being Lamborghini. Thanks to it being the 50th Anniversary for Lamborghini, the Veneno is the most extreme, most insane V12 car they have ever produced.

To some it is far from being the most attractive, but each piece of its body is fully functional. Whether it is the carbon fibre rims that help cool the brakes, or each duct to help keep the car stuck to the ground.

It has to be functional because it power from 0-100km/h in just 2.8seconds and if it had wings, could probably take off without any problems. We’ve always wanted flying cars right?

It is a pity that there are only three to see the hands of owners. However if having no roof is more your thing, you can probably still get yourself on the list for the Spyder version. There are going to be nine of those, so you better get in quick!

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