Let’s firstly just clarify that we don’t think that street racing isn’t the smartest or most legal thing you can do on the road. So, don’t be silly and try to smoke the next supercar you find. However, you must see this XY Ford Falcon smoke a Lamborghini Gallardo.
With that out of the way, Ford is going all out with its final runs of the Falcon FPV GT-F and part of that reason is to make sure it goes out as hard as it launched way way back.The Falcon GT is iconic and every serious car collector either has or will want to own one of these Australian muscle cars. Now, the car below might not be 100% stock, but it’s still a huge testament to the car and just how awesome it sounds and kicks ass.Watch the video below and be prepared for some NSFW language and a Italian Stallion go up against one of Australia’s finest muscle cars:

Source: Autoblog

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