At Volkswagen, despite having a load of platforms to choose from, have only two proper SUVs: the Tiguan and the larger Touareg. This somehow leaves a gap at the booming market of the compact-SUV.

To fill that gap, Volkswagen has revealed the Volkswaged T-ROC concept car at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. This is purposed to give a hint at what a compact-SUV from the brand could very much look like if they were to mass produce a model.

Volkswagen T-ROC – the SUV based on a Golf

The T-ROC purposely follows a new design line and interior style, and particular highlighting a new front section design. The two-door vehicle isn’t just about looks either with an all-wheel drive system to help you tackle some more than savoury terrain.

Just like most concepts, it has a roof that can be easily removed and packed away for when the weather commands no roof. Why can’t we have this feature in more road cars now?

Under the hood is a 135kW turbo-diesel engine and can give you various driving moves including: Street, Off-road and Snow. There’s also a 7-speed DSG, ABS, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. Fuel economy from the turbo-diesel should mean a low 4.9litres per 100km and a maximum torque of 380Nm.

What’s cool is that this whole car has been built off the platform that Volkswagen call the Modular Transverse Matrix – the same one which the 7th generation Golf is built on.

Can we expect this on the road any time soon? Nope.

Do we want this on the road/off-road? Most definitely – particularly if it comes with that detachable roof.

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