You have to wonder if money and F1 championships are the only thing that a driver like Sebastian Vettel thinks about when looking to switch teams. I mean, driving for Ferrari doesn’t just mean you join the most successful F1 team in history but it opens the door to some of the most awesome and exclusive Ferrari cars.

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari FXX K Interior

In the video below, Sebastian Vettel drives the new Ferrari FXX K that is based on the latest hero car by the Italian automaker – the LaFerrari.

Not only has the Ferrari FXX K gone on a super diet to remove extra weight. However, they didn’t stop there as an extra 86hp has been added (59hp for the V12 and 27hp extra from the electric motor) and there’s more aero and some cool bits and pieces that make it not so legal and super track focused.

Check out the video below and if you want to compare the FXX K to previous XX cars, we’ve added a bonus video from the Ferrari Racing Days in Sydney event in 2014.

Source: YouTube | Vettel in the Ferrari FXX K

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