Teknikens Varld a leading motor magazine in Sweden has published a follow video to what was a very concerning result in their ‘Moose Test’.

What the test is meant to evaluate is the cars ability to avoid an obstacle on the road when travelling at speed and with the reference cars of a VW Toureg and Volvo XC90 and both handled the test with ease.

The first time the Jeep Grand Cherokee took on the test it almost rolled over fully if it wasn’t for the driver and their skills. The Jeep was loaded and setup according to specifications Second time Jeep-Chrysler was there to overlook the test and you know what? The same thing happened.

Now whilst we weren’t the ones conducting the test we won’t tell you to not purchase a Jeep (we actually really love the looks) however we thought that we should share their video with you to help you in making your mind up.

Check out the full video and details.

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