Selling your car online can sometimes be challenging, and one person has gone to the next level to sell his 1999 Holden Barina with a Buy my Barina video.

As stated in the video, this Barina is going to redefine everything you know about luxury and style. In addition it has matching seats, 10 months rego and has always been garaged.

When this posting went live there have been almost 100,000 views and the owner is seeking offers via twitter. The video is ingenious but it also serves as a great reminder that great advertising can make a seemingly average (or below average) item look awesome. Buyer beware.

For more info you can either check out the website or check out the hashtag #buymybarina.

About The Author

AshMan, aka Ashley, has had a passion for cars since playing with Matchbox cars as a youngster. Currently working on World Domination and looks foward to seeing you on the small screen soon. He also likes people following him on Twitter: @ashmansays

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