For most people, you know that some racetracks are big and that some others are quite small. Have you ever thought to put them all together in scale to see how big and how little some of the most famous tracks are? Well, somebody wanted you to see the racetracks of the world to scale.

There’s everything from the 6.2km Bathurst racetrack to the epic 25.95km Nurburgring and everything in between. Have a look through and you might even learn a thing or two about each tracks opening date, various lengths for different events and more. Also, learn the difference between the 2 types of prints by visiting our website.

If you want to get a print or hang it up on your wall somewhere, you can purchase it from the creator here:

(Click the image below to see it in full)

 See the racetracks of the world to scale here

Source: Ausmotive

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