Whilst having 20+ BMW M Cars all in one spot might not seem special to some, it’s a pretty significant event and big gathering for the BMW Queensland Club.

The gathering was part of their ///M Supercar run, the first event run by the clubs M Register. Not only there were a showing of modern BMW M Cars including M3’s, 1 Series M Coupe’s and M5’s, there were also some E30 M3’s and E34 M5’s along for the ride too.

Covering nearly 700km’s of southeast Queenslands best roads in just a single day was quite a mean feat and shows just how useable these cars are for long distance travel. It’s also quite comical when you run a petrol station dry of their 98 Octane fuel in one swoop!

If you live in Queensland and own a BMW M car or even a BMW you can join the club and participate in their wide range of events here.

BMW M Cars

BMW M Cars

BMW M Cars

Photo Credit: Kenny Kwan

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