2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show

The headline isn’t that exciting however, it’s pretty awesome for Mini owners to know that they will be able to have Mini Retrofit 25-watt xenon headlamps.

Mini Retrofit Xenon Headlamp

In addition to Mini bringing the entire model line up to the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Mini will be showing off the Original Mini Accessories program which has a huge range of extra bits and bobs to add to your car. One of those pieces is a retrofit 25-watt xenon headlamp.

Retrofit Xenon Headlamps for all!

If you haven’t driven a car with xenon headlamps, it’s awesome and it is so much easier to see what’s coming up ahead. It also makes spotting those pesky Kangaroos on the side of the road, that much easier.

Mini Retrofit Xenon Headlamp

Available across the Mini, Mini Clubman, Mini Convertible, Mini Coupé and Mini Roadster models, the retrofit 25-watt xenon headlamps simply replace the standard halogen lamps. It’s good to know also, that this option performs exactly the same, as the xenon headlamps sipping with cars that have it optioned from the factory.

LED Daytime Running Lights available too!

If you also want to retrofit the LED daytime running lights, you can also have those retrofit to your Mini. Good for making your small car, easier to spot on the road during the day.

Mini Retrofit Xenon Headlamp

Mini says both are low-cost options, and we hope so, as the xenon headlamps option on most cars aren’t cheap from the factory.

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