Ever thought what the Veloster chassis could be able to be pushed to? Well, Hyundai thought the same and what they ended up with was the mid-engined Hyundai Veloster RM.

Mid-engined Hyundai Veloster RM

Developed by the High Performance Development Group at Hyundai, the two-seater RM concept is a fully working and driveable concept car that has all of the latest performance goodies from Hyundai in it.

With a turbocharged 2.0-litre Theta GDI engine that produces 220kW of power, plus aluminium wishbone suspension, high-rigidity body structure and mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout, this isn’t just some run of the mill special edition.

Mid-engined Hyundai Veloster RM

The reason why the engine was put behind the occupants and within the wheelbase, was to ensure there was ideal weight distribution and handling balance for corners.

Mid-engined Hyundai Veloster RM

Unfortunately this is purely a concept for seeing what is possible with the Veloster chassis, we certainly do hope that this either leads to some great looking race cars or even a limited production special edition.

Just imagine that. Owning a mid-engined Hyundai.

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