Wouldn’t this be an awesome brief for a university project: Go design a sports car concept for Hyundai to show off at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show…

The PassoCorto is a concept car realised by the Master in Transportation Design at Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin – in collaboration with the Hyundai Design Centre Europe.

Meet the Hyundai PassoCorto Concept designed by Students

Hyundai gave students a design brief, with its target customers being young, connected people, aka Gen Y. Simply, as students, design a car that you want on the top of your own buying list.

Students then submitted their design proposals, and two were judged to be the best fit to the initial brief were selected and merged to bring you the final result you see here.

Following the design process, a full scale model were then built, and the result is the PassoCorto. A proper glimpse of what a mid-engined, lightweight Hyundai sports car might look like in the future.

PassoCorto Details:

  • Mid-engine sports car
  • 2 seater
  • Length: 4,100mm
  • Width: 1,880mm
  • Height: 1,160mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,450mm
  • Engine: 1.6 Litre, 4 cylinder bi-turbo engine
  • Power: 199kW

Watch Hyundai’s Geneva Press Conference here LIVE!

PassoCorto is the tenth full-scale model created by the Instituto Europeo di Design. The car also see the Institute celebrate 20 years of its famous Transportation Design course and 25 years of activity in the field of automotive design.



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