Ok, ok. The Super Bowl was way back now, but as you know it is the advertisements that really entertain us. Especially those who aren’t NFL natives.

One ad which has stuck in our minds was the Jaguar “Good to be Bad” ad that ran throughout the Super Bowl. It feels like it is part of a massive rejuvenation for the brand, and we can’t be any more excited.

The ad goes back to its British roots by introducing some of the most recent and notable villains, all of whom are British. Featuring Sir Ben Kingsley (James Bond: Skyfall), Tom Hiddleston (Thor and The Avengers), and Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass and Green Lantern) as the token villains.

So, you have a killer set of actors, a great Oscar-winning British director in Tom Hooper, and then mix in the ever so beautiful Jaguar F-Type Coupe and its exhaust note and you have one killer ad.

Does, anyone know where we can sign up to be a British villain, maybe Jaguar Australia needs a local actor?

They all get Jaguars apparently as a job perk.

Check out the ad below:

Learn more about the entire Jaguar line up here:  http://www.jaguar.com.au
This post has been sponsored by Jaguar Australia.

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