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Hyundai wants you in wearable technology with the all-new Genesis

Hyunadi has seen an opportunity to get on board and start building support for these pieces of wearable technology. In particular, support will be there for Google Glass.

With wearable technology there’s a potential for time saving and a whole new level of convenience. Starting with the all-new 2015 Genesis in the United States, Hyundai will be introducing a cloud bases system called Hyundai Blue Link.

Blue Link allows customers to connect their wearable devices and do things like remote start, and access service information quickly.

To take advantage of the small screens which these devices will have, the entire interface for Blue Link will only display everything that is useful and relevant at that time.

Hyundai wants you in wearable technology with the all-new Genesis

If you own a pair of Google Glass, everything is optimised with cards displaying push notifications when maintenance is due, remote start, remote door lock/unlock, vehicle finder and POI options. Which is pretty exciting if you ask me.

Whilst it isn’t a fully driverless car (we’ll leave that up to Audi), it is exciting to have these types of innovations coming from brands that don’t sit in the luxury car segment.

Stay tuned for more information on Blue Link as we get closer to 2015!

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